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Her jokes, such as they were, and the coquetry with which they were enforced, had such an effect on this Timon of the woods, that he curled up his cynical nose, displayed his few straggling teeth like a cur about to bite, broke out into a barking laugh, which was more like the cry of one of his own hounds-stopped short in the explosion, as if he had suddenly recollected that it was out of character; yet, ere he resumed his acrimonious gravity, shot such a glance at Gillian as made his nut-cracker jaws, pinched eyes, and convolved nose, bear no small resemblance to one of those fantastic faces which decorate the upper end of old bass viols. Is not this better than laying your dog-leash on better homes and gardens magazine recipes loving wife, as if she were a brach of the kennel. said August to January. In troth is it, answered January, in a frost-bitten tone;-and so it is also better than doing the brach-tricks which bring the better homes and gardens magazine recipes into exercise. Humph. said Gillian, in the tone of one who thought her husbands proposition might bear being disputed; but instantly changing the note to that of tender complaint, Ah. Raoul, she said, do you not remember how you once beat me because our late lord-Our Lady assoilzie him!-took my crimson breast-knot for a peony rose.
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